Most of my teaching is in Ancient Greek & Roman Philosophy and Ethics (especially Applied Ethics). Below are the courses that I taught at the University of Toronto:

Introduction to Ancient Philosophy (syllabus, readings)

Aristotle’s Ethics (syllabus, readings)

Philosophy as a Way of Life (syllabus, readings)

Introduction to Ethics (syllabus, readings)

Environmental Ethics (syllabus, readings)

Business Ethics (syllabus, readings)

Cultural Appropriation, White Blindness, and Epistemic Injustice (syllabus, readings)

Philosophy of Emotions (syllabus, readings).

In 2015, I was awarded the Martha Lile Love Award for Excellence in Teaching Philosophy for my interdisciplinary Environmental Ethics course, which consisted largely of students from the life sciences.  

I am committed to improving students' abilities to write powerfully and concisely. In 2016-2017, I was the philosophy department's Lead Writing TA. Among other things, I trained graduate student TAs on how to provide effective written feedback on undergraduate philosophy papers and collaborated with colleagues to improve the design of their writing assignments. This continued work I began in 2015 as the philosophy department’s Essay Clinician, in which capacity I led workshops for undergraduate students on how to write philosophy, assuming no prior experience; and consulted with 15-20 students per week to improve their philosophical writing. Here are two guides I made: Giving Feedback and How to Write a Philosophy Paper

I am interested in the usefulness of philosophy in the public sphere, in increasing access to philosophy, and in using technology to achieve that. Over the past several years, I have worked as the University of Toronto’s campus liaison with Wireless Philosophy (Wi-Phi), helping to produce videos on the philosophy of religion and on epistemology.

In 2006, I taught a course on English Language & Literature at the Changchun University of Chinese Medicine in Changchun, China. 

I am happy to provide a teaching statement, diversity statement, and student evaluations upon request.