2011-2017    University of Toronto        PhD, Philosophy (to be awarded Nov. 2017)  
                                                                 Committee: Rachel Barney (supervisor), Brad Inwood, James Allen, Tom Hurka

2007-2011       Wabash College            BA, Philosophy, German (with highest honors, GPA: 4.0)


AOS:               Ancient Philosophy, Ethics (including Moral Psychology)
AOC:               Environmental Ethics, Aesthetics, Philosophy of Emotions

Languages:   Ancient Greek, advanced; German, advanced (C2); Latin, intermediate; French, intermediate. 

Awards, Fellowships, & Grants

At University of Toronto
Robinson Graduate Fellowship in Ancient Philosophy, 2016. 
Connaught International Scholarship, 2011-2016 ($175,000).
Martha Lile Love Award for Excellence in Teaching Philosophy, 2015 (awarded for Environmental Ethics course). 

At Wabash College
Lilly Scholarship, 2007-2011 ($170,000). 
Rhodes Scholarship, 2011 (Finalist). 
J. Harry Cotton Prize in Philosophy, 2011. 


2017              "Motivated Reasoning in Plato" (upcoming)                   
                       APA Central Division Meeting, Kansas City

2016              "Refutation and Role-Based Epistemic Duties" (upcoming, poster)
                       Canadian Colloquium for Ancient Philosophy, McMaster University
                      "Socratic Exhortation"
                      Argumentation in Classical Antiquity Colloquium, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

                      "Plato's Erotic Psychology"                                                    
                       Yale Graduate Philosophy Conference      
                       UT-Austin Graduate Philosophy Conference                 

2015              "Eudemian Ethics 6.1-2"                                                          
                       Cornell Eudemian Ethics Workshop                                

                      "Associative Properties and Aesthetic Judgment"          
                      European Society of Aesthetics Conference, Dublin

                      "Erotic Conversion: Phaedrus as Case Study"                  
                       Harvard-MIT Graduate Philosophy Conference              

2014              "Epimeleisthai and Socrates' Project of Conversion"
                       Ancient and Medieval Philosophy Working Group, University of Toronto

                       "Argument and Erōs in Plato"                                         
                       5th Annual Workshop in Ancient Philosophy, University of Toronto     

2013               "Socratic refutation: what is it good for?"                       
                       3rd Annual Graduate Conference of the Ancient Philosophy & Science Network, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

2012              "The Role of Shame in Socratic Refutation"                       
                       International Plato Society, University of Michigan

                       "Opera, Eternity, and Roger Scruton’s ‘Present Tense’"  
                       Time Theories and Music, Ionian University

                       "Time's Two Realms"                                                            
                       Colloquium on Kit Fine, University of Toronto  

2011                "To Phthia: Elenchus and Divinity in the Crito"                  
                        International Society of Neoplatonic Studies, University of Haifa


2016            On Monte Johnson, "Aristotle's Protrepticus"
                     Prospectives & Alumni Colloquium, University of Toronto

2013            On Marta Jimenez, "Two Kinds of Practical Empiricism in Aristotle's Ethics"
                    4th Annual Workshop in Ancient Philosophy, University of Toronto

Courses Taught

At University of Toronto
Philosophy of Emotions (Third-Year Undergraduate)                              Spring 2017
Environmental Ethics (Second-Year Undergraduate)                              Summer 2015, Spring 2017
Ancient Philosophy (Second-Year Undergraduate)                                 Summer 2014

At Changchun University of Chinese Medicine (Changchun, China)
English Language & Literature (Third-Year Undergraduate)                   Fall 2006

Additional Teaching Experience

At University of Toronto
Lead Writing TA                                                                                          2016-2017
Led a project of redesigning philosophy undergraduate writing instruction at the departmental level, so that, in their first philosophy courses, students are taught fundamental skills of argument analysis and evaluation by means of written assignments.
  Collaborated with professors about the design of their courses and essay prompts.
Trained philosophy TAs on how to improve undergraduate writing via group tutorials, individual consultations, and written feedback.
*  Received 20+ hours of training

Essay Clinician                                                                                            Spring 2016
Led workshops for undergraduates on how to write philosophy papers
Held individual consultations with 10-15 undergraduates per week to review drafts and give instruction on how to improve their writing.


Campus Liaison, Wireless Philosophy (Wi-Phi), 2013-present.

Co-organizer (with W. Costello and R. Howton), Toronto-Yale Workshop on Epicurus' Letter to Menoeceus, Bright, ON, 2015.

Co-organizer (with J. Whiting and L. Kopajtic), Emotions, Narrative, and The Passage of Time Colloquium, Harvard University, March 2013.

Research Assistant to Jennifer Whiting, 2012-2013.

Co-organizer (with W. Costello and R. Howton), Toronto-Yale Workshop on Aristotle's De Memoria, Caledon, ON, May 2012


Rachel Barney (, Professor of Philosophy and Classics, University of Toronto.
Brad Inwood (, Professor of Philosophy and Classics, Yale University. 
Frisbee Sheffield (, Research Fellow in Philosophy and Classics, University of Cambridge. 
James Allen (, Professor of Philosophy, University of Toronto.
Thomas Hurka (, University Professor and Jackman Distinguished Chair in Philosophy, University of Toronto.

Jessica Wilson (, Associate Professor of Philosophy, University of Toronto. 

References available upon request.